Let Her Go

It’s good to be there, is what they told

Hold her hand and let her go

Through your voice and through your touch

Be with her now, she needs you much

She will know, she will hear

And comfort take that you are near

And so it was, with breaking heart

I held her hand and we did part

All those days and all those years

Swept away in falling tears

Though body fought and might she try

No word she said nor open eye

With her last breath our time was done

Though holding hands she was now gone

And now they say I should solace take

In love and child that we did make

Remember well and do not grieve

Her love for them will never leave

But such thoughts do pain me more

The cruel fate she must endure

To no more see or touch their skin

My sadness deep for her and kin

So did you know and did you hear

And comfort take that I was near

My last to you was but a cry

All I could speak, our last goodbye

And so it is in all I do

My heart will ever sorrow you

I pray you heard I pray you know

I held your hand to let you go

C.S. 2012